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Screw conveyor
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Screw conveyors RODTECH RECYCLING provide smooth, continuous movement of material forward. Both axial and without axial screw conveyors are used to transport bulk materials, as well as dehydrated wastewater, sludge, biomass, etc.


Our screw conveyors have a compact design and easily adapt to existing installation sites for transporting materials in horizontal, inclined or vertical directions. They provide complete protection of materials against odor and leakage, as well as the ability to process a wide variety of materials from wet to dry.


Screw conveyors are available in various materials (stainless steel, iron steel, plastic lined working surfaces). The ability to have multiple entry and exit points and multiple flow control options often make this type of pipeline a key component of different material handling systems.


Key features

  • axial and without axial execution;

  • equipped with frequency converters to adjust the feed rate of the material (optional);

  • easy maintenance due to quick access to key operating sites;

  • long service life, low maintenance;

  • horizontal, inclined, vertical execution;

  • a simple introduction to the unit through sectional design.

шнековий конвеєр_.jpg


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