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The mechanized storage PUSHFLOOR is intended for accumulation, agitating, storing and uniformly dosing the biomass with up to 70% humidity (shredded wood waste, technological and fuel chips, bark, pellets, husks, brewing and alcohol waste, agricultural products, chicken litter, etc.).


This system consists of a reciprocating moving above the hopper floor of a hydraulically driven rod. When the equipment is started, the hydraulic system automatically starts a slow reverse movement back and forth, as well as the reverse movement of several push rods adjacent. During this process, a special rod profile transports the bulk material to the discharge area located at the end. The material from the bunker is dosed in the required quantities using the discharge conveyors or the rods themselves in combination with a hydraulic station, which allows you to adjust the capacity.


Modular design of the equipment provides a capacity of 0.1 to 30 t / h, with a maximum net volume of one module of 200 m³.


Depending on your requirements, we offer an individual implementation for working in harsh conditions (reinforced construction, sheet metal lining, plastic for working with aggressive materials).

Key features

  • volume up to 2,000 m³;

  • modular design;

  • heavy-duty construction;

  • quick and easy installation;

  • long service life;

  • ease of maintenance;

  • passability by loaders;

  • all drive elements are outside the storage of raw materials;

  • push and pull rods provide a working length of up to 20 m.

Push floor bunker


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