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RODTECH RECYCLING provides CNC plasma cutting services for sheet metal. The maximum sheet format is 1500*3000 mm, the workpiece thickness is from 1 to 20 mm. As a separate option, we offer the development of design documentation and drawings with the subsequent manufacture of the final product.

A separate line of RODTECH RECYCLING is sheet metal bending on CNC hydraulic sheet benders. We offer sheet metal bending with a maximum workpiece length of 3100 mm and a maximum machine force of 100 tons.

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RODTECH RECYCLING provides turning and milling services for parts. The maximum dimensions of the processed workpiece are 1400 mm and 220 mm in diameter. For this service, we offer the development of drawings, according to your requests, and the subsequent mechanization of parts.

RODTECH RECYCLING provides welding services for ferrous and non-ferrous metals using MIG and TIG welding technologies. The calculation of the cost is made individually, based on the volume and complexity of welding.

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